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Course Description

This dynamic English Composition course asks students to both create and engage with texts, in a variety of forms, that demonstrate how culture and personal experience inform a writer’s work. In this class, students will read and write voraciously about social, political, economic and cultural issues that influence their lived experiences and use the conventions of multiple genres to both reflect and respond to the times in which they live. Moreover, they will also consciously consider what it means to write academically at the college level through regular self-reflection and revision. In doing so, students will strengthen their rhetorical knowledge and further develop an iterative writing process that they can apply to written assignments across genres and disciplines throughout college and beyond. This course is uniquely designed for students who are interested in pursuing majors in the division of humanities and arts, including literature, gender studies, black studies, creative writing, and journalism.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • acknowledge your and others’ range of linguistic differences as resources, and draw on those resources to develop rhetorical sensibility
  • enhance strategies for reading, drafting, revising, editing, and self-assessment
  • negotiate your own writing goals and audience expectations regarding conventions of genre, medium, and rhetorical situation
  • develop and engage in the collaborative and social aspects of writing processes
  • engage in genre analysis and multimodal composing to explore effective writing across disciplinary contexts and beyond
  • formulate and articulate a stance through and in your writing
  • practice using various library resources, online databases, and the Internet to locate sources appropriate to your writing projects
  • strengthen your source use practices (including evaluating, integrating, quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing, synthesizing, analyzing, and citing sources)

Required Material

This is a Zero Textbook Cost course. There are links to reading assignments that live online, and I have uploaded additional materials in portable document format (.pdf).

City College Blackboard: Other reading and writing materials, PowerPoint slideshows and videos will be posted online on Bb during the semester. Please Note: You must use your CCNY email address in Bb (log in to the CCNY Portal, click Blackboard, then Update Email in the Tools menu). If you add a non-CCNY domain email address in this window, you will not receive important course announcements.

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