Essay Assignments

Other Assignments

Discussion Posts

Throughout the semester, you will be asked to respond to assigned readings on the course website’s discussion board. Overall, the discussion board is a way for us to begin conversations about our work that we will continue offline in both small group and whole class discussions. Your original posts (250-500 words) should include (1) a brief summary of the author’s main points and (2) an analysis of an idea that interests or confuses you. Be sure to use textual evidence to support your claims. Post your reading response before 8:00 am on the day of class; post your responses to other students before class time.

Peer Review

Group work is an important and regular part of this class. You will be grouped with other students to workshop drafts of your assignments throughout the semester. It is important that you attend class in order to get the most out of your peer review sessions. Your ability to give and receive feedback will be important to the revision process and ultimately to your grade.

Oral Report

For this assignment, you will prepare a 3-minute oral report using your research from Critical Analysis Essay were you take a stand on a social, political, economic, or cultural issue that interests you. In addition to delivering your speech to the class, you will submit a 1-2 page Reflection (250-500 words) that identifies a realistic audience, purpose, and situation to deliver your presentation.




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