Course Policies

Student Code of Conduct

co·ex·ist  (kō′ĭg-zĭst′)

intr.v. co·ex·ist·ed, co·ex·ist·ing, co·ex·ists 

  • To exist together, at the same time, or in the same place.
  • To live in peace with another or others despite differences, especially as a matter of policy.

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

Academic dishonesty is prohibited in The City University of New York. Penalties for academic dishonesty include academic sanctions, such as failing or otherwise reduced grades, and/or disciplinary sanctions, including suspension or expulsion. Read the full Academic Integrity Policy here.


Students are expected to attend every class session of this course and to be on time. If you miss five classes, your final grade will be dropped by one-half of one letter (a 90 to an 85, for example). If you miss six classes, your final grade will be dropped one full letter. If you miss seven classes, you will not be able to pass the course. Consistent late arrivals and early departures will have a negative impact on your grade. I will notify you by email if course absences (for full or partial classes) are having an impact on your grade. If you have special circumstances, please see me. I’m happy to work with you to help you complete this course.

Late Work

All assignments must be submitted at the specified time on the date they are due. If an assignment is late, your grade will be dropped by one-half of one letter (a 90 to an 85, for example) for each 24-hour period that passes after the time in which it was due. Technological malfunctions are not an excuse for late work.

Food and Drink

No eating is allowed in the classroom. Drinks are welcome. Please be sure to clean up after yourself when class is over.

Phones, Devices, and Other Electronics

Laptops and tablets are welcome and encouraged for in-class writing activities and peer review. The instructor reserves the right to revoke this privilege if laptops and tablets are used for purposes outside the realm of this course. Cell phones are strictly prohibited.

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