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“Moving Beyond Pain” Analysis -Edward

Posted by Edward Mendoza on

In the article, the author talks about Beyonce’s visual album “Lemonade” and what she sees in it after analyzing it. What the author sees is a product made for the world of business making that focuses on and idolizes black bodies and women of all color. She goes on to provide examples to her analysis, like how the exhibit places black female bodies at the center of the action which, in her words, makes them the “norm” and how it puts these regular black women in front of beautiful and lavish backdrops that contrast with the everyday women taking up their forefront. She also credits the exhibit with displaying and representing a sense of black sisterhood that remains indivisible and outspoken, like when she points to how it radically changes our view of black women. To me, I also see what the author states, as I can see the themes that she references in her articles in the piece. I can see the idolization of everyday black women and the strength within black sisterhood that she talks about. What I also see are very powerful images that speak to the everyday women about life and how one should take the world by the reigns and charge forward full of confidence and power. What I also notice is the symbolism contained in the exhibit, like for example how the women are put in front of elegant backgrounds to represent how special and unique they are, no matter race, color or socio economic background and that while they might think they aren’t as powerful, in reality they are extremely powerful and a force to be reckoned with.

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