Julian Fontanez – ” The Rhetorical Situation ” by Lloyd F. Bitzer

In “ The Rhetorical Situation “ by Lloyd F. Bitzer he states that a rhetorical situation is shown depending on what the situation may bring. Whether is be for political reasons (deliberation ) like the Declaration of Independence or like the Lincolns Gettysburg address or it could be about any person, object, or thing. There are 3 constituents that are in any rhetorical situation which is exigence, constraint , and audience.“ An exigence is rhetorical when it is capable of positive modification and when modification requires discourse or can be assisted by disclosure(Bitzer 7).” An exigence can change anything and anyone in a positive way if they choose to listen, show any interest, or if it was addressed in a way where the audience can understand where you are coming from and see it from  your eyes. Now a rhetorical disclosure can change someone’s perception about something and influence someone’s action/decision but there has to be an audience. “ A rhetorical audience consist only of those persons who are capable of being influenced by disclosure and of being mediators of change(Blitzer 8).” Lastly, the rhetorical situation has constraints which consist of people, objects, events that are related to the situation. In which orators have the power to modify the situation by harnessing the constraints or adding additional important constraints.


One idea that did stick out to me was the fact that there were 3 components needed in a rhetorical situation. Also the fact that it could come in many ways. Like the fact it was used during historical events like the Winston Churchill Gettysburg address

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Maximo Martinez Grullon
    I liked the last section/paragraph where you stated what you liked and what you found interesting about the essay. Also I liked the way you included quotes to support the definition of the 3 key points of a rhetorical situation. But I would have liked for you to add examples and explain more what they mean.
  2. Rachel De Leon
    I liked how your response flowed since the beginning to the end of your response and how you used evidence from the essay to support your response. However, I agree with Maximo in the part where he states that you should of added examples. Even if you added one that would of been useful for anyone who might not of understood what you wrote about.
  3. jenncy mejia
    I like the flow in your paragraph it went along really smoothly. It was very smart that you chose to use quotes to in order to support your definitions. I agree with my two friends above that you should have added examples, they are always helpful to the reader and can be used as a guide. Other than adding examples you did a great job.

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