In the video “The Urgency of Intersectionality,” Kimberle Crenshaw explains why you should be knowledgeable about intersectionality and why it is important. In the beginning she mentioned many male victims of police brutality and almost all of the audience recognized them. She then proceeds to mention  female victims of police brutality and a staggering amount of people did not recognize the women. The concept she explains in her talk is Intersectionality, an idea that identifies how social and political discrimination, and gender, sexual orientation etc. are connected. To bring across her point she mentioned the case of an African-American woman Emma DeGraffenreid. DeGraffenreid sued a manufacturing company on the claim that they did not allow her a position in the company due to her race and gender. The judge dismissed her case since the particular company had black people in the company all of which were men, and women all of which were white. She then expands on how this case relates to intersectionality and what should be done about it. At this point, her talk gets emotional when she talks about the say her name movement while showing pictures of female victims of police brutality. With the video she really showed how big the conflict is. Lastly she shows a video of several women while encouraging the listeners to say their names in support of the movement. I believe Crenshaw did a good job using pathos as she used emotion with her visuals. I feel she had ethos as well because she demonstrated her knowledge in the topic.

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  1. Rachel De Leon
    Throughout your response, I like the way you summarized Kimberlé Crenshaw's speech in TED Talk. You clearly talk about the different points she talked about to her audience and you even included the say her name movement. I agree with you, there is a huge conflict and something should be done to stop it from expanding.
  2. Jeffery Rivas
    You talked about the main points in her TED talk which sums up the whole thing. You explained what intersectionality was and how it affects women. You also provided good points on how she used pathos and ethos in her speech to grab the audience's attention. I also believe that she did the interactive activity with the audience to engage with them as well as to grab their attention to what is happening around the world.

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