‘Black Panther’ Is Not the Movie We Deserve

Christopher Lebron’s interpretation of the movie “Black Panther” was interesting. His point of view and analysis was very different. It cause me to see the movie in a whole new perspective. When this movie first came many people were happy and excited that a movie came out, which showed the enrichment of African culture. As time went on people’s opinions of the movie changed. For instance in the he states, “he learns of the racism black Americans face, including mass incarceration and police brutality. He soon understands that his people have the power to help all black people, and he plots to develop weapons using vibranium to even the odds for black Americans”. Lebron goes on to state that how this was similar to another movement like the Black Panthers. Then killmonger and his father are shown as villains because they in a sense  wanted to help out others who were struggling. Lebron further writes that there were other shows with the same thing. “Cage must beat his brother to a pulp, just as Panther must kill his cousin” , but then in the Thor movies Loki (Thor’s brother) has done so many horrible things and causes misery and damage, yet he is always given another chance in another movie. This is not the case with the “Black Panther” and Killmonger. All Killmonger wanted to do was save the lives of black people everywhere and stop them from getting hurt.


One idea that intrigued me was when Lebron wrote “Rather than the enlightened radical, he comes across as the black thug from Oakland hell bent on killing for killing’s sake”. This intrigued me because I felt that this was true. There are many people in the world who have  great ideas that may be radical but because of their background won’t be seen as that. Instead they will be judged from where they live and their ethnicity.

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  1. Christopher Collaguazo
    I totally agree when you mention how people were so excited about watching a movie involving more of an enrichment of African culture. But, there are some people that do not completely understand the controversies that the movie Black Panther has. As you said my opinion about this completely changed because I did not really pay attention on how the villain in this movie was an (Killmonger and his father) African American who just wanted to aid those who were suffering from those White Americans. This was really shocking to me and probably many people.
  2. Julian Fontanez
    I agree with you Ali, I myself see the movie differently now to and I think it’s horrible on how they would do that when you talked about the idea that interested you. It is more of a low blow to the African American communities where a movie was supposed to show some good intentions and involve more of the black community and give them some pride. However, all this really shows is that they are incapable of working together and because they are from the “hood” they don’t care about each other and will kill each other at any cost as Kill Monger showed when he tried to kill T’challa to cause a black revolution around the world and start a white people genocide.
  3. Rachel De Leon
    I agree with your response because when I first read Christopher Lebron's article about the movie "Black Panther," I was surprised and I understood the message he was trying to portray to the reader. My opinion changed not just about the movie in particularly but also towards other marvel content that I have watched previously. I used Christopher Lebron's idea and applied it to other Marvel movies and shows I have watched. For example, when you use the quote, "Rather than the enlightened radical, he comes across as the black thug from Oakland hell bent on killing for killing’s sake,” I understood the idea you were trying to show. It is true especially in the society we live in today. Depending where you live and your ethnicity, people will judge you without even knowing who you are as an individual person.

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