“‘Black Panther’ Is Not The Movie We Deserve”

In Christopher Lebron’s article, “‘Black Panther’ Is Not The Movie We Deserve” he discussed many different points about Black Panther. For instance, Black Panther is a movie about black empowerment in which the only redeemed blacks were African nobles. One thing that I found surprising was women’s stance in this movie. According to Lebron, he states, “They are the film’s brightest spot: the black women of Wakandan descent are uniformly independent, strong, courageous, brilliant, inventive, resourceful, and ethically determined . . . Thus, the movie deserves praise for its gender politics—save in relation to the only black American woman”. In Black Panther, all genders are in a sense equal in power because both genders are being recognized. In black panther, Lebron states how there was racism in the movie because a white man became the hero in the movie all about black empowerment. According to Lebron, he states, “Even in a comic-book movie, black American men are relegated to the lowest rung of political regard. So low that the sole white leading character in the movie, the CIA operative Everett Ross (Martin Freeman), gets to be a hero who helps save Wakanda. A white man who trades in secrets and deception is given a better turn than a black man whose father was murdered by his own family and who is left by family and nation to languish in poverty. That’s racist”. A white man that wasn’t very trustworthy was given a better role than a black man who suffered his way to the top in a way to empower the black race.

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  1. Anahis Garcia
    At first, I also was very intrigued at the stance woman played in the movie. Previous to this I hadn't watched the movie so I didn't know to what extent woman played a role. I think the piece of evidence you used stating the descriptions for the woman in the movie really proved and portrayed how important and empowered they were. Absolutely agree with you that the stance they played was very interesting and surprising because this is not something that is normally seen in many movies.

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