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In “Black Panther Is Not the Movie We Deserve,” Christopher Lebron discusses the reasons as to why the movie “Black Panther” is underestimating black American men. The place called Wakanda is a fictional place in Africa, where Wakandans’ are isolated from all of those who are anti-black racism. They are well aware of the dreadful treatment many African Americans have to go through in the United States. As Christopher mentions “a man of African nobility must fight his own blood relative whose goal is the global liberation of blacks,” there are two men T’Challa who is the leader of Wakanda and Killmonger who is trying to take away the throne of T’Challa. Killmonger who is seen as a bad guy just because he is trying to liberate his people from the racism they have to go through. This is an example as to why the movie “black panther” is underestimating black American men because Christopher Lebron shows us how there is a side where Killmonger is trying to set free African Americans and how T’Challa is just trying to contain his nation from white supremacy. This is where there has been many debates because the movie portrays the bad guy because he is trying to make a stance and urge for help to liberate African Americans.

An idea that interested me was when Lebron mentions “Even in a comic-book movie, black American men are relegated to the lowest rung of political regard.” In the movie a white men who is a CIA is seen as the one who helps save Wakanda. But, as for “bad guys” such as Killmonger was not even portrayed as a good guy, he was the one who was actually trying to help his people even if it meant there had to be violence involved. Despite his father being murdered by his own relative and being left in poverty by his family, he still gets no recognition whatsoever for at least helping to liberate African Americans which is outrageous and racist.

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  1. Julian Fontanez
    I definitely agree with what you said and this movie just shows that blacks people are “violent”. Kill Monger has to kill his cousin in order to set out a whole genocide by arming African American communities with vibranium to create an uprising against the government and show their dominance. I also found that interesting in how they give the C.I.A agent some part in the movie in where he does help save Wakanda but Kill Monger with good intentions and a bad plan his rarely recognized in the movie whatsoever.
  2. Ali Husain
    The quote that intrigued you was also one quote that intrigued me. “Even in a comic-book movie, black American men are relegated to the lowest rung of political regard". This is surprising because I never think of a comic book being racist. I also agree with Julian because Killmonger's father being killed by his own brother was terrible. Especially since Killmonger was left all alone and helpless. Lebron also states in his article that what killmonger wanted to do was similar to the actual Black Panther movement. I agree because similar to how the Black Panther Party wanted to stand up to the police and whites, Killmonger also wanted to do that through the use of weapons. Both of which also started in Oakland.

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