Kimberle Crenshaw

Kimberle talks about the intersection of racism and sexism and how this leads to the discrimination of women. In her TED talk she stated, “As a consequence reporters don’t lead with them, policymakers don’t think about them, and politicians aren’t encouraged or demanded that they speak to them.” She is saying how whenever a man dies, it is all over the news and it is made public. However, when I woman dies by the cops, politicians don’t make it public and are discriminated against. She later states that this problem is caused by social justices and how they don’t pay attention to the problems women are facing. In addition, she states, “Without frames that allow us to see how social problems impact all the members of a targeted group, many will fall through the cracks of our movements, left to suffer virtual isolation.” By saying she thought of a term called intersectionality and how the problems of sexism and racism are overlapping and they create multiple levels of social injustice. In addition, she states, “The real problem, though, that the judge was not willing to acknowledge was what Emma was actually trying to say, that the African-American that were hired, usually for industrial jobs, maintenance jobs, were all men. And the women that were hired, usually for secretarial or front-office work, were all white. Only if the court was able to see how these policies came together would he be able to see the double discrimination that Emma DeGraffenreid was facing.” Emma was being discriminated because she wasn’t a man or a white woman and couldn’t get the job.

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  1. Christopher Collaguazo
    I found it really shocking when you mention how when a man dies it is all over the news and mostly everyone knows about it. But, when a women dies there is no news about it, not many people know what had happened. This is the issue that Kimberle is talking about and how as a society we are doing bad on not paying attention to the problems women are facing. I also agree with you on Emma being discriminated, she was discriminated based on her skin color and gender. This is what many people fail to acknowledge and we should change that immediately.
  2. Michelle Ortiz
    I think it is interesting how the audience mostly knew about African American men being killed by the police and not African American women. I agree with you that women are being against discriminated. In fact, I think that double discriminated on a basis of race and sex. This is a framing issue! Women are either recognized for being discriminated by race or sex when in reality they are being discriminated based on BOTH. American society fails to recognized this issue which is why it is yet to be solved.

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