Moving Beyond Pain by bell hooks

In Moving Beyond Pain the author is saying that in Beyoncé’s lemonade video she is showing woman empowerment and how they are just like man and that woman should be seen the same no matter the shape or size. “there are diverse representations (black female bodies come in all sizes, shapes, and textures with all manner of big hair).” She also used images and families and made black people the center of attention on this video that made them even seem like royalty. However the author points out that although the video is intended to mean something positive it also has its negative meaning  in the way Beyoncé expresses the woman empowerment. Such as the scene where “ Beyoncé’s character responds to her man’s betrayal with rage.” Which she uses violence to express her anger by destroying a car to use it to help her with the betrayal. What she does not realize is that this is a “ Contrary to misguided notions of gender equality, women do not and will not seize power and create self-love and self-esteem through violent acts.” In a way it makes sense because violent doesn’t ever help wether you are a women or male.


Something I found intresting was the article when the author talks about at the end like I feel like I know what the author is saying but I am a bit confused. Is he saying that woman should stop fighting each other as they do in society but instead support each other physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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  1. Jeffery Rivas
    I feel like she was trying to say that women should not fight. Instead, they should unite as one in order to have power in society. She wants other to recognize women as who they are. The album was made to promote the black body and to make everyone realize they are just as important. Also, Hooks is saying how violence shouldn't be something you resort to because that wouldn't be establishing unity and it would be an abuse of power.

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