Response to Moving Beyond Pain

In Moving Beyond Pain, author Bell Hooks analyzes the music video Lemonade, a song written by Beyonce. In one part of the critical essay, Bell Hooks credits Beyonce for the visuals throughout the musical video for positively praising the black female body. Hooks points out that in Lemonade the female black body is the center of attention throughout the music video and the artist, Beyonce, is not. She even goes on to say, “It is the broad scope of Lemonade’s visual landscape that makes it so distinctive—the construction of a powerfully symbolic black female sisterhood that resists invisibility, that refuses to be silent.” Surprisingly, Hooks then goes on to say how the female violence, the misguided notions of gender equality, and the whole “sexy” theme did not cut out for this music video and just undervalued the whole concept. She says, “ simply showcasing beautiful black bodies does not create a just culture of optimal well being where black females can become fully self-actualized and be truly respected.” So basically this contradicts her entire thesis and confused me. But i understand her in the way how Lemonade shows that the woman is always the victim of a man’s betrayal and she always responds with rage. The author argues that this is not completely true, portraying black females in this manner acts as a stereotype. Mainly. Hooks criticizes Beyonce for her representation of black females in the music videos and goes through all its highs and lows.

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